Shimo Docs

March - June 2021 | Beijing, China

Shimo is a cloud-based productivity suite that combines documents, spreadsheets, and more in a simple interface. It allows both individual users and large-scale enterprises to easily manage and collaborate on online documents. During my time there, I was responsible for B2B features related to enterprise management, while also being involved with design for the B2C part of the main site. 

Project #1

Redesigning the plan modification flow to reduce frictions and make plan pricing more easier to understand💰

When it comes to things related to Shimo enterprise plan, things could get really complicated: comparing different plans for the team, buying sufficient number of seats, and deciding on a length of subscription... that is a lot of thinking & decision-making.

To ease this pain for our users and explain how our pricing works in a more clear and concise way, I redesigned the service modification flow to increase flexibility and cost transparency.

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Project #2

Designing the activity log to help enterprise admins better monitor member activities and enhance file security 🔐

File security is a major priority for our enterprise users, especially for companies with thousands or even tens of thousands of employees. The redesigned activity log page enables our enterprise admins to more easily monitor activities and quickly identify suspicious activities and prevent leakage of important files.

Project #3

Creating new visual design patterns for business-facing features

The Shimo design team was constructing a brand-new design system to ensure design consistency and empower our designers. In this process, I took on the initiative to explore the visual language for enterprise-facing features, including but not limited to new iconography and interaction patterns. Some of them were later adopted into our existing design system for site-wide usage. 

I also worked on several side projects during my time at Shimo. If you are interested in learning more about them or any of the work above, please feel free to drop me a line at any time!

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