Project OTIE

Integrating object tracking and digital interface to enable rapid prototyping of interactive experiences
#Object Tracking
#Physical Interaction  #Unity #Prototyping

What does OTIE stand for?
Object Tracking in Interactive Environment.In this project specifically, it means that we are using object tracking to explore a new diretcion for prototyping interactive environments.
So...why project OTIE?
Prototyping is an essential part of any act of innovation. People show ideas, tell stories, and experiment with different possibilities by building prototypes.

When it comes to physical prototyping, however, there is often a high technical barrier that impedes designers of various backgrounds from fully unleashing their creative freedom. How can we make this simpler? This is a key question we aim to address in this project.

Want a sneak peek into the current progress?
Here are some previews of the current design of the digital interface, which is used for setting up interactions in space. As we just wrapped up around of usability testing, more changes are on the way.

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